Definition and causes

Optic nerve runs from the eye to the brain and send information about what the eye sees. This information is then sent quickly to record the image in the brain immediately after the light frames retina. If the optic nerve is exposed to an inflammation, it would not be able to send images as quickly as usual. If inflammation is severe, it may perhaps do not send pictures at all.

Inflammation is usually caused by the body's own immune system attacks the nerve protective fat. This is also the fat that provides for the rapid dissemination of information, rather like insulation of wires. That is when the following symptoms.

Symptoms of inflammation of the optic nerve

The sight becomes blurred or disappearseither in a part of the visual field, or the entire eye. In light cases surveyed do not disappear completely, but only weakened. This is experienced only as aafblegning of the color red. Survey deficiency can occur suddenly (overtime), and vision may be gone within a few days. There may also bepain at the movement of the eye. Many cases of inflammation of the optic nerve is discovered, however, not because the symptoms are very mild.

Precautions and diagnosis

If you are experiencing vision impairment, you should consult a doctor right away. The doctor discovers an optic neuritis by light entering the pupil, by measuring the speed of the images through the optic nerve (VEP'er) and by making various studies of vision and visual field.

Complications of inflammation in the optic nerve

In about. half of the cases is inflammation of the optic nerve first signs of multiple sclerosis. In the second half of the cases are no cause for the disease. Often found characters in the past inflammation of the optic nerve in people with multiple sclerosis, without the label has something for the disease. An MRI scan of the brain might be. say something about this risk.

Treatment of inflammation of the optic nerve

Inflammation of the optic nerve treated as a rule do not. Binyrebark-given hormone in the blood speeds up or recovery, but the doses must be so great that there are many side effects. Most cases of inflammation of the optic nerve will also go down by themselves after weeks to months, and the survey will come back. However, there is increased risk of developing the disease again, if necessary. in the opposite eye.








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