Definition and causes

Eye CAVE formation of the cranial bones and occupied the eye and the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and fat tissue. As the eye cavity is close to both the sinuses and the cranial cavity (where the brain is located), the inflammation of the cavities easily spread. An inflammation of the eye cavity occurs therefore usually from a sinus infection, but it can also come from a furunkel.

Symptoms of inflammation in the eye hulens soft tissues

The inflamed area raises up, and it will partly show up as swollen eye surroundings and outstanding eye (exofthalmus), because the tissue behind the eye pushing the eye forward. The area becomes red, hot and painful and perhaps the eye itself is also red.

In severe cases seen:

  • Your eye is outstanding (exoftalmus).

  • The sight is impaired.

  • Your eye can not move, as usual.

If any of these symptoms are present, the disease is serious, and they should seek medical attention right away. In any case, the eye can be seen by a doctor, since the state to be treated.

Treatment and complications

Inflammation treated with antibiotics. If inflammation comes from the sinuses, make sure that there is no more inflammatory here. It requires, in some cases, a surgical cleansing. If inflammation is not treated in time, it can spread to the cranial cavity and give meningitis.





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