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With eye bottom meant the inner eye of the apple. In the middle of the eye are glass body that fills much of the eye. It is a completely transparent jellies-like mass to ensure that the eye maintain its round shape. The consistency of the glass body is very much like a jellyfish. With age glass body undergoes some change that makes it fall more together. It occurs when flies in the field of vision, because there will be small fluid-filled cavities in the glass body, which is not as translucent just so

The main part of the eye bottom, the retina. Retinal task is to convert light to nerve impulses that the brain can translate into images. So it is the part of the eye we see with. Retinal stuck on the inside of the apple of the eye part, as the light hit them. That means the rear 3 / 4 of the eye. In the retina are around. 120 million photo receptors. These receptors pick up the light that enters the eye and send signals to the brain about what kind of light, it is. There are two types of photoreceptor

There are certain specialized areas of the retina, as you can see when you look into the retina with a special instrument (a oftalmoskop). Around the middle of the retina are the yellow stain where the sharpest vision can be formed. There is no blood and no rods in this area, only sap. Looking straight ahead, frames the light into the yellow stain. This is why we make eye equal to what we'd like to see clearly. Although we can see more peripherally in the field of vision, have been surveyed here ikk
On the other hand, there are as many rods in the peripheral field of vision, and night vision is best here. That is why in the dark (eg. On a star heaven) can experience to see something "out of the eye hook", which you can not see when you move the field of vision onto it.

A little further into the nose are papillae, which is the place where the optic nerve and blood vessels of the retina that runs into the eye from behind. Papillae seen as a pale pink area from which a lot of veins rays out in all directions. Blood Årerne spread as branches of a tree besides most of the retina. There is no sap or rods in papillae why this area is blind eye patch.


Eye CAVE is a pear-shaped indentation in the skull. In the front and widest part of the bulb itself is the eye. Only the front third of the eye can be seen from the outside, the rest are hidden and protected in the eye cavity. In the eye cavity is also six muscles that are responsible for moving the eye. Eye muscle is bonded to the senehinden the eye and is arranged such that the eye can move in all directions. If the eye muscles are not working properly together, will be divisions and the eye can see double because the two

Eye CAVE serves to protect the eye, while the solid foundation that is needed, to the eye muscles can exert their drag on the eye. In blow to the eye may be particularly bottom or the middle wall of the eye cavity break when the bone is very thin. This is called a blow-out fracture, and the symptoms of this will be the eye sit inside the eye cavity than usual, and the eye can not move in all directions, because one or more of the eye muscles have been crushed. Your eye can also press



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