Definition and causes

Exoftalmus will say that one or both eyes are outstanding. Eye CAVE bounded skull bones and is home to blood vessels, nerves, eye muscles and fat tissue. If these structures for some reason grows, the eye pushed forward.

The most common cause of this disease in the thyroid, but the state is also seen by example. tumors and inflammation of the eye hulens soft tissues. It is important to remember that some people have outstanding eyes and have had it forever, without any underlying disease.

Symptoms of exoftalmus

There is often even to the eye or eyes are moreoutstanding. The white of the eye can be seen around the pupil, and you may experience a nuisance throughdry eyesand the risk of scratches on the cornea, then eyelids can no longer cover the entire eye. In addition, you getdouble vision, Whose eye movements are prevented because of the pressure. Often the eye can feelhardIf you touch it.The sight can be reducedIf the eye blood vessels or nerve damage.

Precautions and treatment

Exoftalmus must always be examined by a doctor. There can be serious conditions behind, and in many cases they can be treated. It examines the eye and vision carefully and probably do a scan of the eye cavity. Blood tests can detect metabolic diseases and inflammations.

Treatment is directed at the cause of exoftalmus. If you find a disease of the thyroid gland, can control of metabolism, coupled with binyrebark-stimulating hormone, possibly preventing exoftalmus. Otherwise, an operation of the eye muscles may be envisaged. Dry eyes can be treated with "artificial tears", ie. eye drops, the moisture mucous membranes.






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