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Diabetesis a social disease, and right now there are at least 150,000 cases of the disease in Denmark. Of these cases, the vast majorityType 2,orgammelmands diabetes. Both types of diabetes affects the eye, but this will be expressed differently (see later).


In diabetes, blood sugar and blood fat poorly regulated because of a disturbed functioning of insulin. The fluctuating levels of the substances affect the small veins that become damaged. This happens in the eye, as elsewhere in the body. First, the tanks are leaking, so fluid leaking into the tissue, and they favor tighter, so the tissue will be lacking oxygen.


Especially withType 1 diabetesThis lack of oxygen will lead to the formation of new blood vessels that can grow into the lens and chamber angle and givecataractandglaucoma. The fluid in the tissue covering the visual cells, so vision is blurred. This is seen especially in type 2 diabetics.



Symptoms of diabetic eye changes

Type 1:

  • The symptoms are not present when the disease was discovered.

  • After 5 years, ¼ changes in the retina, and this rises sharply with longer duration of illness.

  • The sight is impaired.

  • Possibly seen "flies", black spots included with the survey.

  • Often seen diseases later in the cycle, for example. starling. 


Type 2: 

  • The symptoms are present, when the disease was discovered, and is perhaps the reason why patients seek medical attention.

  • The sight is impaired, often starting with reading ability.

  • Less often seen flies and diseases.


Treatment of diabetic eye changes

If there is a newly formed blood vessel in the eye, you can treat them with laser. There are many small "bullet" at the edge of the retina that prevent new blood vessel formation in that. Treatment is quick and efficient, and you do not hospitalized. In type 2 diabetes is usually read the survey, which is affected, and therefore place the laser beam here in the center of the retina. It prevents fluid to leak out in and blur vision. This can usually be done at once.


In addition, it is very important to control his diabetes well, since it is the fluctuating blood sugar levels, causing damage to the eyes. All diabetics checked regularly to pick up changes early and thus prevent the deterioration of eyesight.


Select and complications

As mentioned state after some time to evolve so that new blood vessel formation. It is usually this condition that affects vision most. Untreated diabetic eye changes leading to blindness, so it is important to seek out a doctor if you have diabetes or impaired vision discovers. As mentioned, the treatment effective, especially if the eye change is detected and treated early. With the latest treatment vision loss can be delayed or reduced in most cases.











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