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The inner part of the retina receives its blood supply from a major artery (artery), which penetrates into the eye rear face with optic nerve. This vein is called the eyecentralarterie,and it has no connection to other veins. This means that if it (or some of its branches) plugged, it can be part of the retina, which is supplied with blood from here, do not get oxygen from other areas and will soon go to the land.


Central artery or its branches can be plugged in two ways: 

  • Byarteriosclerosis, Which formed a blood clot in a narrow vein, thereby closing off the blood the way forward to the eye.

  • In an arterial embolism (mostly), where a blood clot from elsewhere in the body tear itself loose and put themselves in the eye small arteries.

Symptoms of blood clot in the eye arteries

When a blood clot in the central artery will be the same (within seconds or minutes) to experience complete blindness in one eye. There will be no pain.


When a blood clot in one of centralarteriens branches will only be a part of the visual field, which has disappeared, but it will go just as fast and painlessly as described earlier.


Sometimes a jam loosen again with the same vision and come back quickly. This is an important warning about the disease in the vessel (either arteriosclerosis or embolism) and should be taken seriously.


Another disease that may cause sudden blindness in one eye isarteritis temporalis. Here it is quite the eye of other arteries that are affected, and you will usually have other symptoms in the form of headache, fatigue, weight loss, pain and tenderness at tygning of the artery in one temple. Arteritis temporalis can also cause clogging of the central artery, but here this happens because of an inflammation in blood vessels' Supporting wall.


Precautions and diagnosis

Since both blood clot in the eye and temporalis arteritis can cause permanent blindness, it is important to consult a doctor right away if you are experiencing these symptoms. Both diseases can be treated, and thus can avoid a vision.


By transient blindness should be studied for the reasons for this, and if you have arteriosclerosis, avoid aggravating factors, see belowarteriosclerosis.ECG, Measurement of blood pressure measurement of fat in the blood and other tests performed.


An embolism often comes from the neck artery, this can be scanned by ultrasound, and if it is narrow, you can expand it. It can also come from forkammerflimmer. Here you will have made an echocardiography.


Consideration of a blood clot in the eye arteries

The treatment of a blood clot in the eye is to loosen the cork or get it to go on to smaller arteries, which do not provide such large parts of the retina. For eye doctor attempted first methods as genånding in a bag (widens blood vessels due to CO2), massage of the eye, medicine, which lowers eye pressure or discharge of fluid from the eye, which also lowers the pressure. Blood treatment may be tried and should in any case goes through cases of temporary blindness. By reg


By clogging of arteries is less chance to have good eyesight again, but by major arteries or centralarterie-stoppers are the results disappointing.









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