It is in recent years been possible to perform an operation that gives the deaf hearing wholly or partly again. The operation can help those who are deaf, because the snail (cochlea) in the inner ear is not working. The reason for this is usually that of the small hårceller snail is destroyed. These hårceller would normally help to transform the sound waves to a nerve signal, which then transferred to the brain via the hearing nerve. The lydledende parts of the ear and listen nerve is mostly intact, so it's only

The operation

With the help of micro-surgery can place electrodes in the snail, which can create artificial nerve signals instead of the defective hårceller. This is called acochlea implant. Besides the electrodes also require a microphone that can capture sounds from the outside. From the microphone split up the sound in different frequencies, it consists of. Each frequency allocated through a micro-computer for one of those around. 20 electrodes. Electron down in the snail is located in a special way that mimics the normal stimulation pattern of the snail. Electro Enterprises thus transform sounds from the environment to electrical signals that are transmitted through the hearing nerve to the brain, where they can be perceived and interpreted as


After the operation will resume hearing is coached by a consulting teacher. Døvfødte children should also learn to speak. Operation of adding cochlea implant does not give a perfectly normal hearing, but it offers sufficient hearing to the døvfødte child the opportunity to develop a language. Many will continue to be difficult to hear if you talk low, or if there is a lot of noise in the room, but most could hold a conversation without having to lip-read simultaneously.

Who can get a cochlea implant?

  • Children who are born deaf. The operation should preferably take place before the child reaches the age of three years. The child must usually be accomplished, since its success depends on whether he or she can contribute to intensified hearing and speech training.

  • Adults who have lost hearing, for example. due to meningitis, cranial fractures or treatment of aminoglycoside (a kind of antibiotics).

There is a worldwide operation around. 100,000 deaf and in Denmark about. 500.


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