Normally, the ears are relatively close to the head side, but there is much variation in the population. If your ears are very outstanding, it can be of great cosmetic or social discomfort to the individual, especially in child age. If the child for example. is chaff, will be the reason for surgery.

Operation of outstanding ears

Operation should not be made before 5 years of age, the first here since the ears are fully developed. Normally carried out the operation just before school, but can also easily be performed later in life. Before 15 years of age operated in full anesthesia, then the operation can be performed in a local anesthetic.

There are different types of surgery, but the principle is that it places a cut on the back of the ear, and the cartilage in order to put into your ear against his head. Then stitched along, and scars will be covered by the ear and could not be seen afterwards. The results are always good and the risks minimal.



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