Definition and causes

The conceptotitis externaor inflammation of the ear canal covers both eczema in the ear canal and actually inflammation of the outer ear, where the bacteria involved.

Inflammation of the ear canal can occur for many reasons and is a common disorder.

  • Moisture is an important risk factor, for example. by frequent baths, swimming pools with chlorine water, which irritates the ear canal or swimming in water that contains bacteria.

  • Foreign like. cleaning the ear canal with a cotton swab, ørevokspropper or use of hearing aids or earplugs or may irritate ear canal and create small wounds, which are the basis for infection.

  • Allergic or hypersensitivity may also hamper the skin and lead to an irritation and infection status.

Symptoms of inflammation of the ear canal

Byøregangseksemear canal becomes red and scaly furnishing, and it hurts when you touch any area. There may also be swelling and discharge from the ear. There will also be strong itching. Eczema is usually sustained, although at times it can be at rest.

Bacterial Infectionthe ear canal will often occur in a pre-existing eczema. It will be perceived as growing pains and aches, and more and whitish discharge from the ear. More than a few days will highlight the area up and become tense.

Fungal infectionwill give more subdued symptoms with ease pain, itching and thin liquid secretions.

Precautions and diagnosis

Try to avoid the risk factors. Keep your ear dry, use bathing cap in the bath and avoid using cotton buds. On suspicion of infection, contact a doctor. Although inflammation of the ear canal is a common disorder, can we still react to the symptoms, because it can evolve and damage cartilage or bone.

Treatment of inflammation in the ear canal

First and foremost, should abide by the advice mentioned in relief. Øredråber with steroids (adrenal cortical hormones) and antibiotics used in combination. Avoid itchy and scratch in the ear and keep it dry. Normally, inflammation will be gone after seven to ten days of treatment. By fungal infection used anti-fungal.


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