Definition and causes

Ørevoks formed by small glands in the ear canal sides. Ørevoks keep clean ear canal, while on his way out through the ear canal brings with it impurities. Furthermore, the substances that strikes kill bacteria. Production of ørevoks varies from person to person and from people with very ørevoks it can accumulate in the ear canal. This happens especially if one cleans ear canal with a cotton swab, which ørevoksen pushed deeper into.

Ear canal will first stop in situations where the ear, for example. becomes wet. Later, a jam filling the entire ear canal, and the symptoms are constant

Symptoms of ørevokspropper

  • Hearing impairment.

  • Feeling the pressure in the ear.

  • Possibly swish of the ear, dizziness or pain.

Precautions and diagnosis

By suspected ørevoksprop can try to rinse ear canal with a little lukewarm water, and the pharmacist is available for loosening resources that can help. Otherwise it is the doctor who makes a diagnosis by looking in the ear canal with a lamp. One should not try to remove the cork with a sharp object, as this can damage auditory meatus or drum skin. To avoid ørevokspropper should only dry ears with a towel after bath. The normal ear does not need cleaning with cotton swab, by contrast,

Treatment of ørevokspropper



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