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By exposure to noise, there could be damage to your hearing. The damage can be temporary or permanent. The noise damage of the small hårcellersnail, Which ensures that the sound waves are converted into nerve impulses (see the ears structure and function). Sound can not be transmitted as efficiently. What is crucial in determining whether Noise leads to injuries, are:

  • The duration of noise exposure.

  • Noise intensity (of 85-90 decibels) (see Sound and noise).

  • Frequency composition of the noise (high frequency gives highest risk) (see Sound and noise).

  • Individual predisposition.

Thus, exposure to brief but intense noise (eg. Shots or bang from fireworks) lead to injuries, but more often it is that long-term moderate noise (eg. From machinery or loud music) causing damage to the ear. Noise damage seen therefore more frequently in certain professions like. machine workers and musicians.

Symptoms of noise damage

  • Hearing impairment, Which is most pronounced for frequencies around 4000-6000 Hz. With continued exposure to noise reduction will hear more spread out, however, most of the treble. Often, something not noticed that you have impaired hearing, before you get a hard time hearing the spectrum of speech. (500-4000 Hz).

  • Tinnitus.

  • Feeling the flap of the ear.


If you have been, or is exposed to excessive noise, and think that your hearing has deteriorated, can be measured accurately at a hearing ørelæge.

Treatment of noise damage

At the beginning of hearing loss, it is very important to limit its exposure to noise as much as possible. There should be extra attention to the use of noise protection, for example. earplugs or hearing protection when you are to places with much noise. If you work in noisy environments, you should get your hearing measured regularly.

There is no treatment that can cure hearing loss when it arose. We can only reduce the inconvenience of hearing aids.



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