Definition and causes

By inflammation of the inner ear is an inflammation of the labyrinth. Maze found in the inner ear and consists ofarchwayandsnail(See the ears structure and function). Archway helps that we can keep the balance, and the snail converts sound waves to nerve impulses.

Inflammation of the labyrinth can occur if a kolesteatom forming an unnatural channel (a fistula) from the middle ear to the inner ear, or if a middle spread to inner ear, but this is rare. In addition, you may cause inflammation after an operation in the inner ear.

Symptoms of inflammation of the inner ear

  • Dizzinesscan occur in very varying degrees. Can any. exacerbated by the fact that people move their eyes.

  • Nausea and vomiting, Seen particularly in very violent dizziness.

  • Nystagmus, This is characteristic of eye movements, the eyes involuntarily move sideways, to turn quickly to return to udgangspoitionen.

  • Hearing impairment.

Precautions and diagnosis

The above symptoms should seek medical advice. The doctor makes a diagnosis based on the characteristic symptoms. In addition, the physician may make a so-called fistelprøve, where it tested whether there is an unnatural channel (a fistula) from the middle ear to the inner ear. This investigated by changing the pressure in the ear canal. If there is a fistula, this will cause dizziness and distinctive eye movements (nystagmus).

Treatment of inflammation in the inner ear

In light cases, it is sufficient to treat with antibiotics. If the cause of inflammation in the inner ear is a kolesteatom, we must also remove this. In severe cases may be forced to clean up in the inner ear by an operation.

Select and complications

In most cases the symptoms disappear completely after treatment with antibiotics. If inflammation has been very dramatic, some of the maze have been destroyed, causing the balance and hearing will be permanently affected. Similarly, the distinctive eye movements continue to exist.


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