Definition and causes

Drum is a thin membrane that is put to fluctuations of sound waves, and helps to reinforce lydindtrykket in your ear. This may in many ways exposed to trauma, so it would break. Below the major causes of trommehinderuptur:

  • Subject matter, such as. cotton swab, kept too far into the ear.

  • Otitis media. Inflammation escaping through the ear drum.

  • Big rise in pressure in the ear canal. This is seen by explosions, sources in the head in shallow water, blow on the ear and bruising when flying or diving.

  • Øreskylning

  • Fractured skull when the fracture involves the bone in auditory meatus or mellemøre.

  • Welding Glow, which affects ear drum.

  • Operation of the middle ear or inner ear. To get to the deeper structures, we must open the ear drum.

Symptoms of trommehinderuptur

  • Light pain from the ear.

  • Mild hearing impairments.

  • Tinnitus (noisy in the ears).

  • Feeling the flap of the ear.

  • Bleeding from the ear (seen especially if ruptures caused by fractured skull) or pus from the ear (in middle).


Sick with a history of previous trauma or symptoms will allow suspected trommehinderuptur. The physician can, by looking into the ear with a otoskop, often see that there is a hole in the ear drum.

Treatment of trommehinderuptur

Usually heal drum up by themselves after a few weeks. It is during this period important to avoid the infection, since there are now open in the middle ear. Avoid getting water and dirt in your ear. Ear protection at the beginning of a dry, sterile gauze conn tion. If there still occurs infection is treated with antibiotics.

For larger holes in the ear drum, it may be necessary to close this operation. In severe cases, we must make a new drum skin, for example. a piece of one of the connective close to the body's muscles.

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