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Definition and causes

A spontaneous abortion is the rejection of the fetus before the end of 22 gestation week. If aborten after, called the death a birth (see fetal death). Lang most happens However, before the 12th week, and it is most so early that they do not recognize the woman, but seen as a belated and possibly. stronger menstruation.

The major causes of spontaneous abortion is chromosomal defects, ie. errors in the distribution of inheritance material in the early embryonic stages (the embryo).

Other reasons may be that the determination of the fertilized egg in the womb for one reason or another are flawed. This may be due to conditions in the womb, for example. large fibroids. There may also be errors in the development of the uterus. An infection in the mother may also spread to the fetus and cause abortion. Tobacco and alcohol and drug abuse increases the risk of miscarriage.

Symptoms of spontaneous abortion

The symptoms can be mentioned most often confused with a heavy menstruation, if it happens early. If it later, it will usually perceived as a heavy bleeding, accompanied by pain, resembling labor pains, which sits just above the pubic bone.

Precautions and diagnosis

If a woman who is familiar with being pregnant, experiencing these symptoms, she should seek medical advice. One reason for this is that the symptoms reminiscent of those experienced during pregnancy outside the uterus, which can be a dangerous condition for the woman.

If the woman has not soft so much that she is influenced by what the doctor will start the determination of abortion. The doctor will conduct several studies:

The first is usually a pregnancy test in which urine tested for pregnancy hormone hCG. There will also be a gynecological examination, supplemented by an ultrasound examination, performed through the vagina.

Treatment of spontaneous abortion

Treatment depends on several things. First, whether there is an embryo that is still viable. The symptom is not to say that the embryo is dead. There may be athreateningabortionWhere the embryo is alive, and uterine mouth has not opened up so much that abortion has been started. If so, should the woman decide whether she will go through the pregnancy. She was perhaps not aware that she was pregnant, and may not want the child. If she chooses to undergo pregnancy, there is no remedy or treatment, she could consequence, to reduce the risk of losing a child. She chooses not to keep the baby, she should have made e

Is the embryo is not to save depends on the treatment of the advanced abortions have. Is it a complete abortion, which throughout the embryos are excluded, will not perform any action or start a medical abortion.

In contrast, in an incomplete abortion, ie. throughout the dead embryo or parts of it remains in the uterus, there are two options for treatment, medical or surgical abortion. The choice depends on how big the embryo is, and how much tissue left.

Select and complications

The main complication seen with the physician's eyes are bleeding, which can be potentially fatal. In addition, there is a risk that a woman can get an infection and resultant blood poisoning (sepsis). Moreover, in rare cases be complications in the form of reduced ability to undergo a subsequent pregnancy, if there has been infection, or if there have been complications from a surgical abortion.

In addition, it is often traumatic for the woman to undergo an abortion, whether it is spontaneous or provoked. It should be added that miscarriage is very frequent, but since there is often a little taboo-like setting for them, women do not talk so much about it, and are therefore not aware of how common it is.

Women with a particular blood type known as the Rhesus blood group system-negative must have anti-rhesus D to avoid rhesusimmunisering, and subsequent complications, if she bears a rhesus-positive child.

Prevention of abortion sponatan

There is no proper preventive measures you can do is to avoid abortion. That's because the course is usually caused by errors platoons in the very early embryo stages. The best thing to do is to live a healthy life without tobacco, alcohol and drugs, and thus a better environment for the embryo.

Sexual intercourse does not increase the risk of abortion, like sports do not, as long as there is no question of martial arts.




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