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Definition and causes

Tapeworm is a rare disease in Denmark caused by different types of worms, which may come from cattle, pigs or fish. Tapeworm is a frequent disease in many developing countries.

People infected with a small larva as in the gut later develop into bændelormen. This larva can be found in raw fish or meat that is not boiled or fried enough. Under normal conditions will larven dying in the preparation of food.

Tapeworms can be from a few millimeters to many metres long. The worm lives in the intestinal tract, where it develops, fuelled by gut. The reason is that it can be in the gut is that it is using special suction cups on the body can attach themselves to the gut wall. At times, pieces of bændelormen however, snap off and come out with the stools. The appearance is best described as a long way båndpasta.

Symptoms of the tapeworm

All types of tapeworm can live in the body without giving symptoms. At times, however, there will arise symptoms, of which the most common are:

  • Fatigue and weight loss.

  • Signs of anaemia .

  • Nausea if the worm was discovered on the leg or in toiletkummen.

Select and complications

The process of tapeworms are usually straightforward. In rare cases, bændelormene cause severe anaemia, which can lead to removal to the hospital. The various types of tapeworm in rare cases could result below.

Bændelormen that is derived from beef, could get in cardiac muscle.

Svinebændelormen can cause serious conditions with the spread of the central nervous system, eyes or muscles. In addition, the heart is affected, which can be very serious.

A complicated process with the formation of cysts in the body and the effect on the liver and lungs can be seen by infection with the so-calledhundebændelorm. People infected by taking jordrester from vegetables electricity. second, which is infected with eggs from the dogs stools. The eggs hatched in the gut and develop into a blæreformet tapeworm. However, this is rare in Denmark.

Consideration of a tapeworm

Tapeworms are treated with antibiotics or slow urine.

Precautions and diagnosis

Is Monday a reasonable suspicion that it may carry around a tapeworm and have some of the above symptoms, you should go to the doctor. The doctor can make the diagnosis by taking a afføringsprøve which examined for eggs.

You can reduce the risk to get tapeworms by to cook its food sufficient and avoid the consumption of large quantities of raw meat.
In areas with many cases, the dogs also receive deworming often.



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