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Definition and causes

False strubehoste is a popular name for the diseaseacute laryngitisin children. It is an acute inflammation of struben, which raises the mucous membranes in a way which leads to the passage through the neck is narrow, and the air will have difficulty getting to and from the lungs.

False strubehoste is common in 2-3 years of age, but are less often when the child is of school age.

The disease occurs usually after a virusbetinget upper respiratory tract infection, for example. cold . It is typicallyparainfluenzavirus, influenza AandB and adenovirusThat are sinners. False strubehoste occur mainly in winter, when upper respiratory huserer.

Symptoms of false strubehoste

The symptoms of false strubehoste acting in the evening or at night with a child who already have a cold or other respiratory tract infections. The child is squawk and wake up at night with a distinctive cough that can remind one søløves gøen. When the child is breathing in, there will be a hivende and pibende sound.

As a rule ends the symptoms after a few days to a week's time.

Complications of false strubehoste

In the case of a severe infection, the child may be afraid and turbulent because it can not get enough air into the lungs. It will be pale, have a characteristic blue color due to lack of oxygen (called cyanosis) and tires and søvnigt. It is an extremely serious situation, and to respond immediately, as the child in the worst cases can die from lack of oxygen.

Precautions and diagnosis by false strubehoste

If you suspect that your child has false strubehoste, be sure to look for the above symptoms. It can be a good idea to get the child to sit up, as it facilitates breathing.

Often, it is a less suffering, which does not require any treatment, but if the child is beginning to have more difficulty breathing, and the symptoms are worsening, do you call vagtlægen.

The diagnosis made by the characteristic symptoms and by looking down into the neck of the child, where the mucous membranes are red and thick and close more or less of the passage through the neck.

Consideration of false strubehoste

Treatment is usually not necessary, but the child must be closely observed, because the symptoms can deteriorate relatively quickly.

If the child being hospitalised because of severe false strubehoste, is the purpose of treatment to ensure that the body gets enough oxygen and the enforcement of struben to absorb.

The treatment in the hospital is that you get the child to sit up and cold air possibly with oxygen. Forstøvet adrenaline is often a good and quick impact. In addition, Monday steroid to reduce enforcement. At worst, it may be necessary to place the child in life, to help the acute lack of oxygen.














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